Be Secure. Be Safe. Use TelePrivy.

TelePrivy provides HIPAA compliant telehealth video call services to meet all your medical needs.


HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform

Provide secure and safe connections to your clients.

Not all Telehealth options are same.

Facetime and Zoom are not secure enough for a private telehealth visit.

Affordable HIPAA Compliant platform

We provide affordable telehealth service's to meet everyone's needs.


TelePrivy can be used by iPhone or Android users.

Simple &
Easy to use

We built TelePrivy for everyone whether you are a tech wiz or a grandma.

Meet the needs of more patients

No more geographical barrier's when meeting with your patient's. TelePrivy is world wide!


What is TelePrivy?

TelePrivy is a cross-platform HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth app. We provide affordable HIPAA compliance and an easy-to-use experience. Use TelePrivy to save you and your patients valuable time.

How does TelePrivy Work?


Create Account with TelePrivy

You can create an account with Apple, Google, or email to sign into teleprivy. For TelePrivy business please login using the account provided for you.


Create your First Appointment

To create an appointment provide client name & phone number, appointment date & time, along with title and description.


View Appointment Details

Press start video call when you are ready to join the video call.


Join waiting room

You will be put in a waiting room when you are waiting for your provider to join the call.


Video Call

TelePrivy's video calls provide HIPAA Compliant Security and Video Call Security Encryption.



At TelePrivy security is important to us. That's why when you use TelePrivy for your business you get:

  • HIPAA Compliant Security
  • Video Call Security Encryption
  • Video Recording Security Encryption